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Geoff Muldaur
Reviews to "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere"

This generously timed release was recorded in Bremen, Germany at the intimate Moments club (impeccable sound) on May 30, 1999 and reveals a striking, repertoire-rich folk-blues guitarist and singer compellingly back in touch with his passion, brimming with the same confidence and vitality displayed on that long ago Prestige album.
... Muldaur ranks among Americaĺs most original roots music performers.
Hereĺs why.
( GvonT -Sing Out! Vol.47 #4 Winter 2004 )

Beautiful Isle of Somewhere is his third recording since returning to the music szene in 1998 after a decade in the corporate would. What the listener holds here is Geoff Muldaur and his guitar, proving that Richard Thompson was not kidding when he said, "There are only three white blues singers and Geoff Muldaur is at least two of them.
Geoff Muldaur ist somewhere between a footnote and an index entry in the book of the blues. He is a most excellent guitarist as is evidenced on this live recording. We should be grateful for such talent.
( C. Michael Bailey - All About Jazz July 2003)

Muldaur can make us believe, through understated charisma alone, that we are in the presence of the very last of the real-deal blues men. With a vocal intensity by turns plangent and coiled,
Muldaurĺs magic owes seemingly nothing to the rock era, yet still transforms his choice of mostly pre-war blues and gospel obscurities into effortless nourishment for the modern mind.
Reputedly now exploring avant-garde classical music, we may be waiting a perilously long time for any more of the same.
( Colin Harper -MOJO 2003 )

The man exudes a quiet, confident vibrancy throughtout, and he truly inhabits the essence of the blues via his guitar work and singing on every track.
It must have been a woderful concert, and now everyone has a chance to share in the magic of that special evening. Highly recommended.
(Dirty Linen Nr.108 Oct/Nov 2003)

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