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Taj Mahal
Reviews to "An Evening of Acoustic Music"

"The beautifully raspy voice, hard-picked guitar and blown-from-the-soul tuba in their version of "Cake Walk into Town" makes a piece of unadulterated joy." (Arts & Entertainment)

"This is pretty much like a big box of chocolates with no nasty centers. Taj Mahal does a lot of things very well, and playing solo acoustic to an appreciative live audience has to be very high on the list. This back-to-basics album, recorded in Germany in 1993, is mostly stuff he has done for years: Gary Davis' "Candy Man", Robert Johnson's "Come in My Kitchen" and his own "Big Legged Mamas Are Back in Style Again". The crystal-clear recording really captures the power and the charm of Mahal as a live performer, so it's much more than a greatest-hits or best-of. This is prime Taj Mahal." (Blues Access)

"Taj is at his most relaxed and delivers a mouthwatering set that encompasses old classic like "Stagger Lee" and "Dust My Broom" and eases on through his own "Cake Walk Into Town" or "Texas Woman Blues". Taj is obviously enjoying the responsive audience who, in turn help to create the intimate atmosphere. He is a wonderful singer... and that is what makes this CD such a pleasure. It's like having a seat in the front row with Taj just a few feet in front of you. You can sit back and luxuriate in that rich expressive voice." (Folk Roots)

Reviews to "Taj Mahal and the Hula Blues"

"Recorded in four days flat, the album is a genre-bending blast, imposing the tug and struggle of the blues onto the breezy rhythms, bright melodies and chill-out ambience of the Hawaiian sounds." (Q)

""Taj Mahal and The Hula Blues" is an enterprising mix of blues and Hawaiian music recorded with island musicians. It's a welcome slice of sunshine for a grey December." (The Times)

"Always open to new influences and musical blends, from sources as diverse as India, Africa and the Caribbean, it's no surprise how smoothly Taj incorporates the native Island sounds - mostly Hawaiian guitar and various ukeleles - into his blues-based music. The results are warmly rewarding. It's a beauty." (The Independent)

"The result is a fruitful, bring-some-beers jam from four days in May, and you're going to have to lay back, sup up and relax. Aloha!" (MOJO)

"Potentially his biggest release yet, this Hawaiian slack-key guitar influenced release is also Soweto jazz, Trinidad spice and Texan soul. Taj's reputation, suberb engineering and infectious material could really pay off this time." (music week)

Reviews to "Hanapepe Dream"

Taj does a great job of picking material thats ripe for inter-genre transition. The arrangement of the traditional "Black Jack Davey" sounds like it might have if Bob Marley had recorded it in Jamaica, while Mississippi John Hurts "My Creole Belle" generally done as a gentle blues, makes for a beautiful Hawaiian song. The horns and reggae rhythms that drive "Stagger Lee" give the old blues ballad a Caribean feeling, but the lead lines of the steel guitar also suggest the South Pacific.

This is very happy sounding, smile-in-ducing music. In the opening song, "Great Big Boat," Taj sings about sailing into the Caribbean and it sure sounds like fun. And the fun continues through to the last notes of "Hanapepe Dream", the luxurious title-instrumental that ends the album 45 minutes later. (Sing Out!)

Reviews to "Live Catch"

Reviews to "Mkutano" first the two sides cautiously explre each other's music, with the Club providing atmospheric bursts of gently wailing violins and the visitor playing suitable Arabic-edged banjo on their sturdy songs. Then the two sides move together, and by the time the qanun breaks into Catfish Blues, the legendary Bikidude, now in her 90's, tackles Done Changed My Way Of Living, or the Club tackle Mahal's witty M'Banjo, the result is far more than musical tourism. (The Guardian, February, 11 2005)

Fortunately, there is enough to admire in each contribution to make this a pleasant expedition tinto two fertile music traditions that have more in common than meets the ear. (mondomix, February 2005)

If this makes the album sound as though it's all over the place, it is! There's a hell of a lot packed in to less than 50 minutes and I'm taken with diffrent tracks each time I listen to it. A bit of a mess then really, but a mess I've found myself returning to regularly since I got hold of a copy. (froots, February 2005)

Reviews to "An Evening of Acoustic Music - Double-LP"

Reviews to "Taj Mahal & The Hula Blues"