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Holly Cole

Holly Cole LP 180 gr - 2007

An intense black & white retro artwork and another deeply exciting collection of songs from Holly Cole. Performed with a large ensemble of top-notch jazz players from New York, directed by Greg Cohen with arrangements by Gil Goldstein and recorded live in the studio. A superlative singer on top of her game, coming up with fascinating interpretations of hand-picked song classics from Irving Berlin to A.C. Jobim. Final proof that this voice belongs with the very best: intense and thrilling, sensual and sensitive. Jazz noir la Cole.

Night LP 180 gr - 2012

For her first new studio album in five years, the multi-awarded and internationally acclaimed Canadian songstress once again presents a conceptually ambitious piece of work with a unifying theme: an intimate collection of songs for the night-time. The iconic singer (and self-declared night-owl) from Toronto has gathered a close group of musical cohorts to orchestrate a sublime nocturnal journey that includes stops in a great variety of songbooks from Waits to Lightfoot. Co-produced by Cole and Greg Cohen, its a captivating cycle of songs that delivers additional proof of Holly Coles unique mastery of song interpretation, this time featuring a theme where she is truly at home. Eleven wonderful tracks for the special time between dusk and dawn