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Ellen McIlwaine

women in (e)motion: Ellen McIlwaine - 1998

Ellen McIlwaine is one of the worlds greatest slide guitar players, and cannot easily be categorised. Her regularly occuring allusions to blues is actually just a thread, which is entwined with an individual mix of blues, rock, funk, reggae and subtle world-music tones. A mature, open and engaging woman speaks through the lyrics. One comes closest to Ellen McIlwaine when she lets her incredible energy and talents play together unhindered: in the sweaty atmosphere of her live shows. The concert at Bremen "women in (e)motion" Festival was one of these evenings. An experience.

Spontaneous Combustion - 2001

This studio recording manages to capture this passionate performer from Calgary on the top of her musical powers. Finally, the veteran singer, (slide-) guitar-wizard and songwriter has succeeded in capturing the true spirit and force of her multi-faceted musical talents in the recording studio, no matter if shes doing blues, rnb, folk or her trademark touches of Indian and Caribbean stylings. This is new music from a remarkably courageous woman played with fiery passion, directness and a lot of love. Special Guest: Taj Mahal