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Stephanie Nilles

Fuck Off Grizzly Bear - 2011

Resident New Orleanian singer, pianist and songwriter Stephanie Nilles is a unique talent. An iconoclast from the American underground, a free spirit and a rebel, an authentic and skilled musician with a heavy background in classical music, a jazzwoman with a punk attitude. Unpretentious and brave, she sings against the cynicism of the age, passionately attacking the hypocrisies of life in the 21st century. She is an authentic voice from America and a lot of fun, like a granddaughter to Mose Allison and a sister to Ani DiFranco. At the end of the day, however, Stephanie Nilles sounds like just one person: herself. This is her fourth album.

...takes a big ship - 2013

This second European release of singer, songwriter and pianist Stephanie Nilles stands as an absolutely clichÚ-free piece of work ľ and a bold step forward . Lovingly supported by New York jazz/folk/blues violin expert Zach Brown and ôThe Magic Numberö, the resolutely free-spirited singer/musician again offers a thoroughly contemporary kaleidoscope of poetry and music, marked by a desire for uninhibited personal expression, combined with great musicianship - and lots of attitude. A fun-loving rebel in todayĺs cultural landscape, the ever-intense singer/musician from New Orleans tells it like it is, examining topics both personal and political, bringing together her highly individualistic take on classic jazz and blues with influences from Allison, Waits and DiFranco in the process. Stephanie Nilles is an unique American voice, sounding very much like herself yet agai