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Tri-Continental - 2000

Tri-Continental is a new collaboration that fuses the talents of three wonderful guitar-players, singers and songwriters from Toronto/Canada. There are no musical boundaries present in this one-of-a-kind blues/folk/world music mlange. Tri-Continental present a truly unique - and critically acclaimed - sound that is a great success in terms of soulfulness and presence, intensity and atmosphere. All three players have been nominated for Canadas JUNO award for their previous work. On this first mutual effort they manage to create a new musical entity that totally succeeds in fusing their individual songwriting genius, an intense blues feel and the intriguing complexities of malegassy grooves. An album that playfully delivers intensely spiritual roots music.

Tri Continental Live - 2002

A specially priced double album release documenting a great night with Lester Quitzau, Bill Bourne and Madagascar Slim in Bremen/Germany in late November 2000. Its a wonderful recording of an exceptional performance that really points out what makes TRI-CONTINENTAL so special. All three can really play. They also know how to listen to one another and therefore are able to communicate in a very intense kind of way. This two-disc set includes material from the groups highly praised debut album but also features original material from various solo efforts these marvellous players, singers and songwriters have put out in their native Canada.

Lets Play - 2003

Here, Madagascar Slim, Bill Bourne and Lester Quitzau have again cooked up a wonderfully universal musical gumbo with many different ingredients. Their unique acoustic/electric style mixes blues, folk, songs, and various world beat strands and they also introduce a special guest: Ramesh Shotham, the Indian percussion master from Cologne. He adds to the "groove" factor of the music in many different ways. This group brings together individual talent and then creates the one quality that is indispensable for every musician an individual and original sound. Those who have grown to love this sound and those who want to finally discover it for themselves will not be disappointed by LETS PLAY.

Drifting - 2004

Never change a winning team a fitting motto for Tri-Continental latest album, since it features Indian percussionist Ramseh Shotham for the second time around. Bill Bourne, Lester Quitzau and Madagaskar Slim again came to Bremen/Germany to record. They also decided to do it live in the studio for a special audience of friends and fans. To those familiar with their past work, it should not come as a surprise to find that these new performances communicate all the vitality of a real live show. The repertoire consists of new original material as well as a bunch of covers that serve as a reminder of some of the trios influences: Son House, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix... A very relaxed and highly atmospheric record that is pure Tri-Continental.