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John Fahey

John Fahey: On Air - 2005

This historic Radio Bremen recording presents American guitar legend John Fahey in a solo performance setting, recorded live in Bremen/Germany in March 1978. An artist whose notoriously difficult personality and tragic biography is the stuff of legend just as his pioneering work as an acoustic steel-string guitar-player. In the course of a 40-year-career Fahey has created a style of guitar music that has lost none of its quirky brillance. Sucessors like Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges have been carrying the torch further on, but without the groundbreaking and pioneering work of John Fahey the world of American guitar music would not be the same. In recent years he has even been celebrated as a sort of avantgarde father figure by the US rock underground. This live recording is a testament to his work and captures the Fahey in classic style solo and still in full possession of his creative powers. The second release within T & Ms On Air series featuring historic and contemporary live recordings.