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Geoff Muldaur

Beautiful Isle of Somewhere - 2003

Although his debut album was released as early as 1963, it took Geoff Muldaur more than thirty years to come to Europe for some live performances. BEAUTIFUL ISLE OF SOMEWHERE documents a particularly inspired evening in Bremen/Germany from May 1999 and it‘s a wonderful record in more than one way. This is more than just a document of a master craftsman at the height of his creative powers, Muldaur’s new interpretations of mostly classic blues, folk, jazz and gospel material reach a rare kind of intensity and depth.
Both of his duo albums with ex-wife Maria are considered certified roots music classics and his name is inseparable from the history of the American folk and blues revival, but rarely has Geoff Muldaur sounded better than on this particular album. It’s a remarkable comeback after an 18-year-absence from the music business by a wonderful artist delivering acoustic roots music built to last.

"A deeply inspired and moving concert." (Weser-Kurier)

Geoff Muldaur & The Texas Sheiks - 2009

US roots music legend Geoff Muldaur called – and everyone came to join him: Stephen Bruton (†), Johnny Nicholas, Cindy Cashdollar, Suzy Thompson, Bruce Hughes and special guest Jim Kweskin, jugband music man extraordinaire. Reflecting the Golden Era of Traditional American Music, the Austin “Texas Sheiks” sessions turned into a unique and moving event. Irresistible - and obscure - pieces of classic blues, string band, Texas swing and jump blues repertoire, sung and played with masterful expertise, great authority and captivating joy. A wonderful collection of “modernist classical music” (T-Bone Burnett) from America. Some years down the line from the “O brother”-phenomenon - and just as great. A celebration of life.