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Taj Mahal

An Evening of Acoustic Music - 1994

This CD was recorded at a solo concert in Bremen on October 6 th 1993. Here you can experience a pure and fascinating musician. Mahal was not entirely solo at the concert since tuba player Howard Johnson supported him on some numbers. A greatly sti-mulating musical combination which stirred memories of Mahal's tuba pro-ect of the seventies.

Taj Mahal and the Hula Blues - 1997

The musicians selected by Taj Mahal for this extraordinary project have been friends and fellow travellers for a long time. Six of the eight band members come from Hawaii and also live there. Their main collection of instruments is typically Hawaiian: different ukuleles, Slack-Key guitars and Hawaiian steel guitars. "A cultural blend of joy, love and harmony" was how Mahal greeted the productive days spent in the perfectly located studio on Kauai, in which the "Hula Blues" band developed an incomparable and thoroughly organic sound. The "Hula Blues" a la Mahal a definitive high point in Taj Mahal's opulent discography

Hanapepe Dream - 2001

Taj Mahalĺs second sojourn into Hawaiian music continues right where he stopped on the "Hula Blues" project. And it is the same good-natured groove and the same collective spirit that shine brightly on this new album. With moĺ roots music coming from this deeply humanistic heart and soul, the music on this album serves as a reminder of the awesome power of authentic roots music. Some new originals and wonderful covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Richie Havens and Mississippi John Hurt effortlessly come together in a very fresh-sounding musical gumbo. The spirit of the Hula blues continues while the creative energies of this musical legend seem to be magically rejuvenated almost perpetually.

Live Catch - 2003

Taj Mahal live in a trio setting - with the tried and trusted rhythm section of Kester Smith and Bill Rich on board. Live recordings from a stint at Oakland's famed "Yoshi's" club in late December 2002. A bunch of Mahal classics are revisited and looked at from a new musical perspective. Taj Mahal's voice and guitar are the center of attention. Blues, calypso, ska, reggae, R & B, folk - the Mahal universe is still dominated by the desire to integrate a variety of Afro-American styles and the outcome serves as an original musical statement, reaffirming the man's individual genius.

Mkutano - 2005

A fascinating musical expedition. In September 2003 the Taj Mahal Trio embarked on a journey to Zanzibar, the magical East African island. They joined with the internationally renowned Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar ľ the islandĺs best known taarab orchestra. The encounter turned into one of the most remarkable meetings of spirits in Taj Mahalĺs long and eventful career. This was more than just another destination on his life-long journey to the spiritual roots of the music. Taj Mahal and the Culture Musical Club created something entirely new and exciting. A soulful pan-African fusion totally unique. Afroblues meets taarab!