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Black Voices

women in (e)motion: Black Voices - 1993

The a cappella quintet from Birmingham, England had the audience on its feet with its mixture of spirituals, gospels, reggae, calypso, blues and pop at the September 5, 1992 concert at Bremen┤s ▄berseemuseum.

Space to Breathe - 1995

The five female vocalists of Black Voices all grew up in England, although their roots lie in the Caribbean. And this can be heard in their a cappella singing: they have gospel and spiritual songs in their repertoire, African traditional songs as well as reggae and their own compositions. Each of the singers is good enough to be a solist, but the special nucleus of Black Voices is the harmony of their voices. With a substantial number of concert tours, mostly in Europe, they have earned an exited and enthusiastic group of fans.