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Veda Hille

women in (e)motion: Veda Hille - 1996

The fantastic singer and exellent pianist writes unusual songs, which are not going with the conventional catagories. With her individual mixture of pop, jazz, folk-elements, rock, singer/songwriter- tradition and poetry she is one of the greatest talents, emerging from Canada within the last few years.
These recordings are documenting her european debut 1996 and unite highlights of her solo- and band- concerts.

Spine - 1997

"Spine" - With this album Veda Hille proves she has plenty of backbone. While more and more female singer/songwriter bow to the successful style of Sheryl Crow of Alanis Morrisette, the young Canadian has stayed true to her own unique creative powers overflowing with ideas. Exitingly uncompromising, she gives her musical and lyrical imagination complete freedom. From the heartfelt piano ballad it is just a short hop to the harsh, rocking break out. The trained pianist utilises her acoustic four-stringed guitar several times. Cello, loops and oriental drums are used just as much as trumpets, double bass an a singing saw.

Here is a Picture - 1998

This cycle documents the life of Emily Carr, a Canadian painter and writer. She was born in 1871 and died in 1945. Originally planned as musical scaffolding for a choreographed piece, the recordings are also now available as a separate CD. All the lyrics were taken from Emily Carris writings and put together in a form of montage. Quotations and fragments of text from diaries, books, letters and titles of pictures have been rearranged by Veda Hille in musical form in order to narrate the course of this woman's life.