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The Bobs
T&M 003: 15.00 Euro
"The Bobs sing the songs of... Vol. 2" - 1994

White Room (lead Janie Bob)
Oh, those wonderful 70 lyrics. Deep, very very deep

First there is a Mountain (lead Joe)
We recorded this song as an "instrumental" - no words, no lead vocal. As we were leaving the studio we realized that it had the same chord changes as the Donovan song, so Joe Bob ran back in and sang the lead.

Unchain my heart ( lead Matthew Bob)
Its Ray Charles and thats all there is.

The wind cries mary (lead Richard Bob)
This is a spooky, beatnik poetry reading, Richard Bob whispers in a coffehouse, while Joe Bob plays the vocal bongos.

The Golden Road (lead Matthew Bob)
The Bobs do the Dead, good, raw a cappella garage band sound

Is that all there is (lead Janie Bob)
This song was made famous by Peggy Lee. Janie Bob wonders to herself "does anyone actually read these notes ?"

Disco inferno (lead Joe Bob)
Oh, No! The seventies are back. This may be the most courages exercise in disco yet attempted. Joe sacrifies his vocal chords to momentarily draw attention away from his snappy leisure suit and platform shoes.

Searchin (lead Richard Bob)
We took a 50s classic from the Coasters and turned it inside out with a 90s groove, vocal bass lead and vocal trumpet solo.

Bird on a wire (lead Matthew Bob)
A tribute to Leonard Cohen and all the great surf music heros. The bard and the bird meet in Matthew Bobs garage.

Particle Man (lead Joe Bob)
The Bobs sing like a vocal calliope in a song that is part video game, and part scientific explanation.

Lonely at the Top (lead Richard Bob)
Yes it is lonely when youre the best there is at what you do, but its eaven lonelier when youre the only one who does whatever it is you do...

Mess Me up Again (lead Matthew Bob)
This is an original "country and western" song sung by a man whose girlfriend has left him (leaving behind a sink full dirty dishes)

Strawberry Fields (lead Janie Bob)
At the beginning of 1993 we were asked to do a Public television special program called "the Beatles Songbook" with a number of performers all doing covers of Beatles songs. We went to the taping prepared to sing "Come Together" but were told that Doctor John and his band wanted to do the same song and that they had seniority. We couldnt decide on another song until the last minute when this choice came to us in a "flashback".