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Michael Kaeshammer
T&M 046: 15.00 Euro
"Lovelight" - 2009

The sixt album of his career will be released by Canadian piano-player, singer and songwriter Michael Kaeshammer for the
European market by the German "Tradition & Moderne" label.
It represents Kaeshammer's best work yet and this is in his words how he feels about it:
"This is the album that most sounds like me, playing, singing and songwriting wise!"
Along with Michael and his live rhythm section, noted Toronto players Marc Rogers (bass) and Mark McLean (drums) was an A-list of
musician friends in the studio.
"Lovelight" is a major leap forward for Michael Kaeshammer, the singer.
He originally made his mark as a piano-player of real virtuosity and his first album, 1996's "Blue Keys", was actually a solo piano record.
He acknowledges that singing is somethning he has had to work on, but that work had certainly paid off.
He studied classical piano, later falling passionately in love with the boogie-woogie and stride piano styles of the likes of
Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, Pete Johnson, Pinetop Smith and Fats Waller.
Later exposure to the sounds of New Orleans and artists like Professor Longhair and James Booker also made an indelible impression.
In fact, Michael spent a year living in this musical mecca and he cherishes the nods of approval he has received from such New Orleans
legends as Art Neville, Allen Toussaint and the late Eddie Bo.
In his own recorded work, Michael is not afraid to tackle jazz or blues classics or a contemporary pop tune, and artists he has covered
range from Willie Dixon, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton and Nina Simone to Jimmy Cliff and Sting.
Another plus is Michael's prowess as a performer. He loves to engage his audience, and his natural annd quick-witted sense of humour is a
real crowdpleaser. "I don't take myself too seriously", he explans.
Michael's onstage charm has helped him become ann in-demand entertainer across North America and he has won over the audiences of
artists as musically varied as Holly Cole, Colin James and Anne Murray!
With the European release of "Lovelight" Michael Kaeshammer should be really able to pick up loads of fans on this side of the Atlantic!