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Lester Quitzau
T&M 022: 15.00 Euro
"So Here We Are" - 2002

1. Rollin' and Tunblin'
2, Waiting
3. Honey Bee
4. So here we are
5. Every Minute of Every Day - Part 1
6. Release Me
7. Broken Heart
8. Devil's Dues
9. Every Minute of Every Day - Part 2
10. Home on the Range
11.Time Takes Time
12. Heart and Soul

Lester WHO? Lester Quitzau – it’s not a name that rolls off the tongue easily for anyone. But all linguistic and other resistance will soon fade when confronted with the music of this Canadian artist with Dutch and Danish ancestors. Lester Quitzau (pronounced: "Kuitzau”) is a very impressive blues and roots guitar player, singer and songwriter. His special talents can not be overheard when listening to his latest solo offering.

SO HERE WE ARE – a title that implies a long way behind and the satisfied notion that it’s good to have reached this particular point. It also hints at a sense of satisfaction and relief, mixed with the knowledge of having created something lasting and good. But Lester Quitzau is a soft-spoken and modest guy and bragging about one’s work is not exactly his cup of tea. Doesn’t make life in the music business any easier for him, too... Lester Quitzau may be a reticient guy when it comes to self-promotion, but he turns into a very determined sort of person when guitars are placed in his hands and on his lap. SO HERE WE ARE is his first solo record on T & M and it’s a fine album of authoritative blues and roots music. We really do believe in the special quality of what the blues expert from the wonderful group TRI/CONTINENTAL has to offer with this third solo release of his.

"The Very Electric Trio” is the name of Lester Quitzau’s band and it consists of himself, Lyle Molzan (drums, vocals) and Greg Johnston (bass, vocals). All the cliches of an electric "power trio” can basically go out of the window straight away when it comes to assessing the sound of this outfit. Any fear of a rude approach to the music can be forgotten as well, as "Very Electric” in this case means: lots of electric energy, a really good groove, and a focus on musical intensity. Nowhere does the music on this record descend into stale and old-fashioned bluesrock cliches. Instead there’s a mixture of craft, intellect and passion at work that won’t offend anyone’s intelligence and will never get lost in a wasteland of guitar riffs heard too many times. The sound of Lester Quitzau is also about detail, innovation and individuality.

Some facts. This is album no. 3 for the guy from Edmonton/Canada. His all-acoustic debut was titled KEEP ON WALKING. He then turned electric on A BIG LOVE, an album that was nominated for a Canadian JUNO award in the contemporary blues category. Two years later the acclaimed TRI/CONTINENTAL debut album finally won the category "best roots music” album. But Lester Quitzau is not about awards. He’s a bluesman in the best sense of the word. He still gets inspired from the eternal well of the blues, but never gets to the point of self-satisfied complacency. Lester Quitzau is an artist who still gets very excited on his search for intensity and magic. The music on SO HERE WE ARE is all about this process. It’s the creative process.
It’s just like Bob Dylan said: every musician with a knowledge of and a feeling for the tradition is much more likely to be an expressive force than a mere craftsman working in a context devoid of history. Lester Quitzau is paying homage to the blues tradition on the opening track of this album already: Muddy Waters’"Rollin’ and Tumblin’” gets a brandnew groove and his "Honey Bee” becomes a mournful intro for the title track written by Quitzau. And even if the name Ry Cooder crops up too many times these days wen it comes to musical comparisons. This time it might even be true, as slide guitar wizard Mr. Q. contributes a similar amount of craft, style, emotion and intellect to his music as the venerable Mr. C.

Lester Quitzau and his "Very Electric Trio” are funky ("Heart and Soul”), clever ("So Here We Are”), reflective ("Broken Heart”), intense ("Release Me”), cool ("Devil’s Dues”), powerful ("Home On The Range”) and emotional ("Time Takes Time”). With this record, they present a mixture of controlled intensity, musical intelligence and a great groove. And, frankly, you don’t need that much more than that. Or do you?

Lester Quitzau’s album SO HERE WE ARE is out now on TRADITION & MODERNE. Don’t miss it.