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Veda Hille
T&M 111: 5.00 Euro
"women in (e)motion: Veda Hille" - 1996

1. driven
2. precious heart
3. slumber queen
4. instructions
5. strange, sad
6. with no caring
7. old song
8. 26 years
9. rose
10. polka
11 and birds
12. driven

Her songs don(t fit in the typical pop format, aren(t cut according to the mainstream pattern. And yet many of Veda Hille(s pieces have captivating pop music qualities; a enticing melody, a rapturous chorus, and striking lyrics which you can(t forget. The songwriter from Vancouver, Canada doesn(t purposely try to avoid fitting in. If her songs turn out to be more complex than the average, are,jagged, take a surprising turn, or seem a bit mysterious, well that(s just her way. Creative freedom has to come first and she is willing, if necessary, to fall into the commercially difficult cracks between standard music categories. Rock, folk, jazz, pop, avant-garde; they all apply in a way, but only to specific aspects of her highly individual style.

A fundamental component of Veda Hille(s music is her feel for poetry. She wants both the lyrics and music to be able to stand alone, and so she occasionally reads a poem without accompaniment or plays instrumentals. Her unconventional lyrics may at times appear dreamy or obscure, but they offer a wealth starting points for personal reflection.

You cannot overhear the fact that this petite, self-assured, professional pianist completed several years of serious training. Ten years of classical piano and three of jazz piano were a foundation form which she didn(t draw much, at first. She tried working as a lounge pianist - fortunately without success. This frustration was followed by two enlightening years at art college. Working with film, the fine arts, etc. opened up new perspectives for Veda the musician and provided her with a new understanding of creative fulfillment. Only at the age of 21, at the end of 1989, did the pianist write her first song but two years later she had already released her debut album under the plain title, "Songs About People and Buildings". A celebrated performance at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival in (92 gave her career the decisive boost. Since (93, she has also been working with a band, a set group of excellent musicians who have got her tricky groove and harmony arrangements down. Now and again Veda also straps on her accordion and recently she has started playing a four-string (!) acoustic guitar. She can adapt her wonderfully malleable voice to the varying emotional tones called for in her songs. And emotion is something that is still of utmost importance to Veda Hille, even though her compositions have challenging strucutes.

Two more studio records have been released in Canada, where she has come to be known as one of the most talented songwriters of the younger generation. Her first European performance at the "women in (e)motion festival" - both solo and with band - did more than justice to her reputation.