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Kevin Coyne
Kevin Coynes life began in Derby on January 27th, 1944. Just like many other kids from the British post-war generation, Kevin early on developed an interest in the arts and a great love for American Rhythm and Blues. As an art college student, Coyne wrote poems and performed as a singer in pubs and folk clubs. He was also into graphic design and painting. After years of trying to make ends meet in the midlands, 1969 saw the arrival of Kevin Coyne (plus wife and kids) in London. He wanted to go ahead as a musician and have success in the music business. But that was not all: Coyne continued working as a therapist, drug counsellor and social worker, taking care of alcoholics and the mentally ill. A line of work that was to have a profound influence on the future subject matter of his song material. Kevin Coynes first band Siren was one of the groups signed by radio legend John Peel for his new label Dandelion in 1969. They put out two albums within two years. After that, the young and still idealistic Coyne started his solo career, working hard to have a career in music, simultaneously continuing his social work for a while to come.

In 1971 the first Coyne solo album Case History appeared and provided a blueprint for much of what was to follow. At the end, Kevin Coyne managed to put out three dozen albums in his lifetime. With hindsight, his long and checkered career contains the story of a born outsider, looking to obtain acceptance and affection, a place of belonging and a sense of peace. Kevin Coynes manages to find that place years later with his second wife Helmi in Nuremburg/Germany. After depression and mental breakdown, after divorce and alcoholism. He had to come to Germany as an ill man but managed to find some peace of mind in the end. Kevin Coyne singer, songwriter, poet, author, painter, actor, performer passed away on December 1st, 2004. He was sixty years old